Where to start …

So. In the late 1980′s I fell in love with the idea of riding a bike for a living … well more to the point road racing. It was the ultimate lifestyle to me … the hard men of Europe, mainly Belgium really, out on their bikes rain or shine, day in day out hammering […]

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Ride life straight to perfect laughter

The title is part of a bigger quote from Charles Bukowski - a poet whose harsh reality writings kept me going in my sailing days. But more importantly the opening stanza reads “If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start.” Or for those more au fait with popular culture – “Do […]

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Nothing endures but change

So, by now some of you will that i’ve decided to skip the rest of the world cup season. I’m sitting here after one of the best World Cups in years and wondering how I got to the decision to change the career path that has defined me for 11 years. Well its complex … as […]

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Riding in the new year

Schmoosza and Jacx

Where did 2011 go? For me all over the place – with World Cups, World Champs and various other events and photo-related travel around the world! Who knew a simple bike could take you that far. But at the end of all the chaos of travel it was good to spend the last few days […]

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Some Zebra & a Lion (park)

King of the Mountains ... not likely

I trust the Xmas festivities, feasting and family time treated you all well … we had a full house of 16 at ours! Fun times. Karen, Molly and I did a quick lap around the neighbourhood delivering presents to long time family friends – not recorded on the Strava App for the challenge – who […]

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Back to my roots

Karen in the mist

Twas the night before Xmas and all that … but its been a crazy and fun few days getting into the Xmas spirit and away from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg. We started off with a ‘quick’ road trip to Vermaaklikheid for rope swings, bike rides, marshmallows and all that goes with that …     […]

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